Affordable Sewer Repair Free sewer line inspection scopes

Free sewer line inspection scopes

Inland Trenchless offers free sewer line inspection scopes!

Sewer camera inspection screen shows camera inside residential side sewer pipe.

Picture shows sewer camera screen shot for homeowner and building inspectors. Inland Trenchless Inc. is fully licensed, insured and bonded. Be sure to check out our Google reviews.


What is included in your free sewer line inspection? 

Your free sewer line inspection includes a highly trained technician ‘scoping’ your sewer pipes with an advanced camera system that records his or her findings.  The qualified camera technician has the experience to accurately decipher what the camera has recorded.  By expertly reading this data, the technician can tell the homeowner what issues are present, where the issues are located; including geographical location and depth of these problem areas. The camera technician can also accurately state to the homeowner the type and size of the sewer pipes used and also the slope these lines utilize that form the makeup of the homeowners side sewer system.

Do I get to keep some record of this camera inspection?

Yes, a digital copy can be provided to the homeowner to keep for their records and possibly be used to qualify questions about the integrity of the sewer system in question.  Sometimes, an actual thumb drive copy of this inspection is given to the homeowner. A copy can be given to your home inspector if you should choose to sell in the future.

What insights can be learned from a sewer line camera scope or inspection?

Quite a bit of information can be learned from a side sewer camera inspection. 

1. Pipe Condition.  Probably the most important questions answered would be those involving the condition of the sewer lines and the state of repair.

2. Pipe locations and depths.  Modern day sewer scope cameras have ability to record not only the direction the sewer lines take, but also the different depths of the sewer lines.  This is an important aspect of sewer line location because the repair crews can, with confidence, precisely determine the best spot to dig.  Utilizing the sewer scope camera saves time, which results in cost savings for the homeowner.