Affordable Sewer Repair Pipe Bursting Makes For Fast Sewer Replacement!

Pipe Bursting Makes For Fast Sewer Replacement!

Pipe Bursting-The affordable solution to sewer line problems.

Pipe bursting is an economical way of replacing problem sewer pipes. The pipe used in the pipe bursting method is very strong due to the makeup of the pipe.  An Inland Trenchless crew member will be happy to show you a sample of pipe used in pipe bursting.  We think you’ll agree the pipe used is not only very strong, but an affordable option when choosing different ways to solve sewer line problems.

Side sewer being replaced with pipe burst method of trenchless digging.

Trenchless sewer replacement method called, pipe bursting. Fast and economical.

Determining if pipe bursting is the right choice for your sewer line issues, is usually the job for the sewer camera technician.  This is because the existing pipe conditions  play a major role in determining which pipe repair method is the right one for your particular situation.  Usually total pipe collapse will inhibit pipe lining with epoxy saturated felt as existing pipe integrity is needed for trenchless lining methods. Shown is an Orangeburg pipe with roots that cannot be relined with an epoxy liner.

Orangeburg pipe with root intrusion caused major headaches for the homeowner.

Major problems caused when this Orangeburg pipe failed due to root intrusion. Call Inland Trenchless for your hassle-free side sewer repair bid.

 Having your sewer pipes scoped, determines the best approach to a final solution to your sewer line woes. 

Side sewer camera inspection performed by crew member of Inland Trenchless Inc.

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