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Sewer Relining

New sewer relining technology taking area by storm!

What is sewer relining and why does it matter to me?

Sewer pipe relining is the process of placing an epoxy saturated cloth liner into your current sewer line.  This epoxy saturated cloth is then cured in place, making an entirely new sewer line inside of your existing sewer line.  This new technology is also called cured-in-place- pipe, or CIPP.

Sewer lining crew relining side sewer for homeowner in Spokane Washington. Offering services to Post Falls. Image courtesy of Inland Trenchless Inc.

Sewer lining crew relining another sewer pipe. We work in nearly all weather conditions to get your services working again.

The reason this cured in place pipe can matter to you is due to the fast this sewer repair technology can be very fast and non-obtrusive to your surroundings such as landscaping and finished flooring inside of your home.  Sewer repair using traditional trenching methods are very messy compared to trenchless technology utilizing the epoxy liners.  This is because epoxy liners can be used through sewer cleanouts or inspection ports.  By doing this, trench digging is kept to an absolute minimum and in a lot of circumstances, trench digging is not even used at all. It is the speed and fast cleanout after the job is completed that makes epoxy line sewer pipes so compelling.

Photograph shows pipe relining samples to show potential customers about trenchless no dig technology.

Shown are 3 pipe samples. From left to right, Orangeburg pipe with installed epoxy liner. Middle shown is cured epoxy liner, but not installed in sewer pipe. The last image shows pipe used in pipe bursting. These methods are common to trenchless no digging solutions for sewer repair and replacement.


A sewer line camera inspection is often the first step taken to determine if your sewer line is able to utilize a cured in place pipe.  Of course, Inland Trenchless would be happy to offer you a free sewer line camera scope to assess the viability of your sewer line reline.  For a fast appointment, call 509-655-3360 and talk to one our qualified reps. You may also setup a free APPOINTMENT HERE.

NOTE:  If relining your sewer line is not possible due to existing pipe conditions or other sewer line issues, then a pipe burst method of replacing your sewer line just might be the answer.  Read more about trenchless technology pipe bursting method here.

As always, talk to one our experienced staff members if you have any questions.  We are here to serve you.  Thank you and we appreciate your business.